What can happen at times…

  • Many people when looking for a new home often stumble across older stock dwellings.
  • Sometimes you can find yourself besotted with period features and fall in love with the property.
  • At times people can proceed with the purchase of the property without realising the potential costs of renovating and bring the property up to a modern standard.
  • Only experienced professionals can identify the potential hidden costs on restoring period properties and employing the services of consultants should be a considered at an early stage.
  • Renovating and restoring old period properties can be incredibly challenging, cost consuming, but at the end you are left with a feeling of accomplishment

How we can help you…

  • While you are visiting the property take plenty of photos. Send the photos and the selling agent property link onto DEL and we can carry out a preliminary cost plan budget highlighting potential cost.
  • We will send you back a Cost Report depending on the level of detail breakdown that you may require, for example…
  • High level cost per m2 and additional abnormal costs (OMC 1)
  • Elemental breakdowns allowing high level budget figures for each section of the works (OMC 2)
  • Detailed investigative report, measuring out all items, discussing the scope of works with both the Client and Architect and setting out aside estimated rates for all the measured works (OMC 3)
  • By acknowledging potential costs and employing the correct experienced consultants, you can move forward with confidence on the purchase of your new home.


Important Notice…

  • It is important to take note a Quantity Surveyor is not a Building Surveyor. The Quantity Surveyor only deals with the cost implications, where a Building Surveyor inspects the condition of the property and reports the findings.

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