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  • Notes…
    • Confidentiality is paramount to DEL. We have not included any reference to individuals or Clients.
    • Douglas Estimating Ltd project list is exhaustive so only examples have been used.
    • We work with many established Sub-contracting businesses throughout Ireland and our business model is fundamentally based on repeat business.

Sub-contractors Specific Trade Example…

  • Douglas Estimating Ltd has recently been carrying out Quantity Surveying services for a well-established large SFS metal partition Sub-contractor, who is based in Ireland but has their majority of work in the UK. We have carried out several projects to date and aim to build a reputable business relationship with the Company. DEL preforms the following tasks to enable them to issue a fixed price for the projects:
    • Upload PDF drawings to the electronic measurement system
    • Scale check all drawings
    • Measure all SFS metal partitions
    • Measure all interstitial partition insulation
    • Measure all weather defence boarding
    • Measure all breather membranes
    • Measure all Rockwool Duo insulation
    • Measure all Brickwork vertical strip ties
    • Measure all sundry and ancillaries works necessary to complete the project
    • Export all measures to Excel
    • Prepare working Excel spreadsheets
    • Calculate all external openings including areas, reveals, cills, heads, ope sizes etc.
    • Calculate all meterage of materials
    • Prepare a final summary page listing out all primary calculations
    • Prepare a final BOQ Cost Report for their Clients to review
    • Prepare a Plan Report illustrating where all work element is located to

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