Taking your architects plans, I provide you with an estimate of the costs you are likely to incur during your project. This is often required by financial firms before agreeing to support your funding requirements.

Typically, the process includes the following stages:

Budget Stage

The initial design stage provides an estimate based on planning drawings. Together we will discuss the options for your project that impact the cost. At this point you have two options. I can provide you with a low cost estimate based on the size of your floor area or a more detailed estimate including cost breakdown of the key elements of the build. The latter is usually required by funding organisations.

Tender Stage

Next, I work with your architect or design team to create a document called a “Bill of Quantities” (BoQ) and issue it to potential building contractors. With this document they must provide an offer based on all the details of your build. I ensure tender responses are on a “like for like” basis. I prepare a comparison called a “tender analysis” so you can confidently select the most competitive contractor. Then, I provide the contract documents for signing.

Post-contract stage

During construction the contractor needs payments from you. Monthly, I compare the work carried out against the BoQ and ensure my client does not over pay for work done. The post-contract service also records and assesses any changes to the works required. It ensures my client is aware of the impacts to costs and schedule.